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Has God given you a message to share with the Christian community?  We would consider it a privilege to assist you in publishing your Christian title.  We will help you in every step of the process.  If you are still writing your book, we can answer any questions you have as you finish your manuscript.  Once your book is completed, we will look at your manuscript and offer suggestions to make your book as attractive to potential buyers as possible.  We will then work with you on the cover design and text layout.  We encourage your input on the design of your book.  Once you have approved the proofs of the text and cover, your book is off to press.  Once delivered, we will suggest marketing ideas and be available to answer any questions you have as you work to get your book to as many readers as possible.

Please contact us for more details on getting started.

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Success Story

A few years ago, we heard from a family with three children, at the time ranging in age from 12 - 22.  The children had written a book titled Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.  The book presents how the family should function from a Biblical perspective.  They speak at a number of conferences and churches each year. Our first printing was 5,000 copies. The next year we were back to press with 10,000 additional copies. We also printed 6,000 copies of a Spanish translation of the book.  After more trips to the press, we have now arranged for the printing of over 60,000 copies of this book. Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends is carried in bookstores nationwide, by several on-line booksellers and catalogs, and many books have been sold at speaking appearances.  While this may be unusual, it shows the possibilities available in self-publishing.  For more information about their family ministry, you can visit their website here

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With distribution through Spring Arbor and STL Appalachian for Christian bookstores and Ingram and Partners for mainstream bookstores, almost every bookseller in the country can order your book.  If you need bookstore distribution, we can help you.  In addition, your book can be listed on websites such as, Christian Book Distributors, etc...

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