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Below you will find the answers to some common questions about self-publishing your book.

Why should I self-publish?

There are many benefits to self-publishing your book. A few include:

  • You keep control of your book.
  • Less rejection.
  • Your book is published much faster.
  • More profit for each book sold.
  • You can make sure your book is promoted.
  • You can keep your book in print as long as you want.

How does it work?

The following is a brief description of the usual process.  Of course, each book is unique, and as such, the process may be slightly different for you.

  1. Contact us to discuss your book.
  2. You send us your manuscript on disk for review (contact us for details.)
  3. After consulting with us, you decide on the number of books to print.
  4. You offer suggestions on design of the text pages and cover.
  5. We will format the text pages, and prepare a preliminary cover design.
  6. You will receive your first proof in about 6-8 weeks.
  7. Second proof is sent to you 2 weeks after first proof is returned.
  8. Depending on the number of corrections on the second proof, a final proof may be sent.
  9. Then your book is sent to the printer.
  10. Books are delivered about 5-6 weeks after the printer receives them.

What will it cost?

Due to the number of variables, please contact us for a quote on your particular book.  Please call Tracy at 812-663-4948 or email us, and we can discuss your project with you to obtain the information we need to provide an accurate price.

What about print on demand or P.O.D.?

Print on demand is a method of producing books using digital printing equipment. Using current digital production methods, high quality books can be produced and this can be a viable option for some customers. We now offer digital production for those who wish to start with fewer copies than would be cost effective to produce on offset presses. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Will you publish any book that is sent to you?

We publish books from a variety of categories, but will not publish any book with objectionable content, based on our guidelines and standards.  We may be able to suggest editing that would allow your manuscript to meet these standards.

Do you guarantee that my books will sell?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to make that guarantee.  We will offer help and advice, but the marketplace will determine the success of your book. The most important factor in being successful is to get the word out about your book.  In retail business, the focus is location, location, location. For your book, the focus should be promotion, promotion, promotion!

When can I start?

Right now!  Begin by contacting us today.