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Winters Publishing would love to talk with you about your book.  Please contact us by email before submitting your manuscript, as we publish only a few titles from new authors each year.  We may also be able to guide you through the process of self-publishing your book.  We have assisted many authors with this exciting process.  Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your book in print.

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Self-publishing is now a very viable option for getting your book into print.  For many authors, it is better than using the traditional method of attempting to find a publisher who will publish your book.  The self-publishing process is much faster, and you keep total control of your book.  Use this link for answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We publish books from a variety of categories, but will not publish any book with objectionable content, based on our guidelines and standards.  Click on the words below for more information about the following types of books:

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West Virginia Kitchens Bookcover A World At War Bookcover Think Like Jesus Bookcover From Pain Bookcover
My Secret Life Bookcover Behind the Music Bookcover Golf Coast Memory Scrapbook Bookcover Africa Treks Bookcover
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Winters Publishing has over 20 years experience creating high-quality books.

We can assist you with every aspect of publishing your book, from typesetting and design to marketing and sales.

For many people, self-publishing is clearly the best option. 

You can use this link for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. To find out more details, contact us.